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A loan for a company without certification – when can it be used?

Taking out a company loan is often associated with the necessity of providing a number of different documents, and thus devoting many days to these formalities. However, it is not necessary at all. It’s enough that we choose a good loan for the company without any certificates.

a company loan can be used to finance current operations. It can also be used for development. Currently, we can use loans for business in many banks and loan companies. Some of them boast that they offer them without the need to submit banking or accounting certificates, from the Tax Office or registration documents. Which company can take advantage of this offer?

For a new and older company

First of all, a loan for a company without certification is possible for both new and older activities. It is worth pointing out, however, that not every loan institution will be able to take advantage of this type of offer.

When you want to use the loan as a new company that has just started operating, then you will not always get help from the bank. Banking institutions are very cautious about loans for young companies – usually they are only available for smaller amounts, because the new company can not yet prove its financial condition. Of course, the creditworthiness of the customer is controlled, for example by checking it in the debtors’ databases. When we want to borrow a larger sum, we will have to provide appropriate security measures, for example, sign a blank promissory note or provide a surety.

It will be much easier for a new company loan in non-bank institutions that approach their clients more liberally. A non-bank loan is also available for new companies – even from the first day of operation. Of course, these types of loans can also be used by companies with a longer period of service.

How to get a loan without certification?

How to get a loan without certification?

If a company would like to take out a loan without certification, it does not have to prepare for complicated formalities. We can also arrange everything via the internet. As we have already pointed out, we do not have to provide various documents, which would also take a long time to collect – this means that we can get a loan faster. We will basically need only a personal ID, which data will be used to prepare a loan application.

It is worth pointing out that both banks and non-bank companies check clients in the debtors’ databases – if the loan history is not favorable, then the institution may refuse to transfer the loan.

A loan for a company without certification

A loan for a company without certification

At Aasa Dla Biznesu, we offer loans without certificates on very convenient terms – our installment loan is available up to PLN 10,000 for 24 months and does not require any certificates, sureties and the provision of registration, accounting or banking documents.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer presented on our website – our loan for a company without any certificates is waiting for you!