A good financial advisor and loan broker valued on the labor market

The economy in Poland is getting better every year. This carries the riches of society. Year after year, more cash flows into our wallets. Getting rich is also more likely to spend and take loans. However, it is worth getting into debt wisely.

Wisely means with a plan and future perspective and not blind consumerism. Specialists such as a financial advisor or credit intermediary come to help in this activity.

Bank credit advisor

Bank credit advisor

You do not need to have a specialized education to work as a bank credit advisor. In most banks, a 2-3 week job preparation course is sufficient. As a rule, higher education is required although this is not the rule. Therefore, when we apply for a loan and go to the bank, we don’t know who we will find there.

Or not, for example, an employee who is still learning the profession. Is such a person reliable to help us with financing for the development of the company even for USD 600,000 spread over 10 years? Of course, we do not assume that everyone in banks is green, but it is worth choosing experienced bank advisers.

Self-employed credit broker

A person who deals with credit brokerage also doesn’t need to have relevant experience. The only thing that must be entered into the register of credit intermediaries kept by the GFIC. That is why it is worth choosing experienced credit brokerage offices in order not to find someone who may lack knowledge. Good Finance will undoubtedly be a recommended credit brokerage company in Poland.

Credit broker and credit counselor as they must be


Patience and friendly contact with clients are probably the 2 most important attributes of a specialist in credit. Of course, the element of knowledge and experience is obvious, without it you cannot be a good and reliable specialist in the field of obtaining loans.

The credit intermediary must have information about the current bank offers. These change every 2-3 cities and with a dozen or so banks it is a real feat to keep up with them.

Credit broker experience


As mentioned above, the consultant’s experience is an extremely important element. If experience is combined with logical thinking skills and factor analysis, we are talking about a competent advisor.

Credit intermediary sales skills


The approach to the sales competence of credit intermediaries is different. Some companies are sure to maximize sales and will pay attention to them. Companies with a reputation on the market such as Good Finance will not pay attention to this.

More important than whether the broker will squeeze the loan to the client will be how he approaches him or whether he correctly diagnoses the client’s needs. Selling loans that will not be beneficial to the customer will not be a reason to be proud.

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