A loan for a company without creditworthiness

Having a company is not always high profits. It happens that the company is in a worse financial situation. Then, one of the ways to regain financial liquidity is a loan for companies without income.

Obtaining a loan usually means undergoing special procedures for checking creditworthiness

It is calculated based on the company’s income and expenses. When the difference between income and expenses is not too high or even negative, then the loan is in doubt. This is due to the fact that the borrower would not have sufficient funds to cover the repayment of his debts. However, this does not mean that loans for companies without current income are not impossible. However, we will not receive them in any financial institution.

First of all, loans for companies without income are offered in loan companies that specialize in such services. They mainly offer long-term loans, which can be spread over installments. We can get loans of this type both at stationary points and via the internet.

When is it worth to take out a loan without income?

When is it worth to take out a loan without income?

These types of loans are intended for companies in extreme situations – when they do not generate income and creditworthiness, but they need resources to continue to function. However, before we decide to use such an offer, we should accurately calculate whether it is profitable.

First of all, loans for companies without income are very expensive. We can get them very easily, but their repayment can be much more difficult. This is mainly due to high borrowing costs. The interest rate is just one of them, because there are also other fees, for example, preparatory, for consideration of the application, commission. We can recognize them after the APRC – if the difference between the normal nominal interest rate and the APRC (real annual interest rate) is very large, then the fees are included in the previously mentioned fees.

As a result, the borrower must repay much more than he borrowed. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate independently whether the loan costs will be possible to bear. It may happen that the best choice will be simply a temporary suspension of activity or its closure.

Do you need financial help for your company?

Do you need financial help for your company?

If you have financial problems in your company, you can take advantage of our offer at Aasa Dla Biznesu . This is a quick installment loan available to entrepreneurs from the first day of operation. We offer up to PLN 10,000 for up to 24 months. The application does not need to provide accounting, bank and registration documents. We also do not require security and surety from our clients.

In addition to a correctly completed application, we require the customer to have no debts recorded in BIG databases. If you have additional questions, please contact us – we will reply to them in full.

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