A loan for companies from the European Union – who can count on it?

Thanks to EU funds, Poland is developing better and better. Many new investments have been made and many undertakings have been carried out. Certainly, each of us has already encountered them. Entrepreneurs can also use this form of assistance. However, in order to receive money, certain requirements have to be met.

The largest range of assistance can be counted primarily on micro, small and medium enterprises. They may use Regional Programs implemented by individual voivodships as well as nationwide programs. This is a great opportunity for companies that can grow even better thanks to support.

Subsidy or credit?

Subsidy or credit?

Assistance from the European Union for entrepreneurs is offered in two forms – as subsidies and non-grant support, ie loans and credits granted by banks, loan funds and guarantee funds. They are characterized by preferential conditions in comparison with commercial offers of banks. First of all, they have a lower interest rate, and the companies with lower creditworthiness will be able to use the support.

As part of the assistance, we can get loans for up to PLN 600,000 and for up to ten years. The interest rate starts from 1%, while the commission is up to 3%. Money can be used both for investments and for trading purposes. There are various forms of security to choose from, including the possibility of using funds purchased from the investment.

Who can count on support under funds?


Generally, a loan for companies from the European Union is not available to anyone interested – it is necessary to meet special requirements. In addition, the Union does not support any type of activity. Companies that implement innovations and who want to invest in conducting research are the most likely to get help. The aid is also intended for companies wishing to carry out computerization, implementing energy-saving ecological solutions, when planning operations abroad.

Detailed information about European Funds for companies can be found on the website dedicated to the topic, as well as in regional offices.

What instead of a loan from the European Union?

What instead of a loan from the European Union?

However, if you do not have a chance to get a loan under EU Funds or simply can not wait for it, choose our offer at Aasa Dla Biznesu – we have prepared a quick and convenient installment loan in the amount of 1,000 to 10,000 PLN, which can be obtained even on 24 months.

It is a loan that does not require any securities or guarantees, provides banking, accounting and registration documents. You can submit an application for it even at this moment on our website. We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer!

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