Credit office, why use it?

Each of us has our goals and dreams. Some of them, such as your own flat, can be realized thanks to a bank loan. We achieve even smaller goals thanks to loans. A console or a new installment TV are just examples of our operation.

It is worth to act wisely from the financial side when achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams. An experienced credit bureau will help us choose the cheapest available credit option for our purchases. He will choose the cheapest bank to consolidate our loans, if the need arises.

A lot of banks, but which one should you choose?


The Polish market is characterized by considerable fragmentation of banking institutions. The multitude of banks and their offers makes it difficult for the customer to choose the cheapest available offer. Only close cooperation with banks and knowledge of rapidly changing offers will allow you to get the cheapest loans .

That is why it is worth using the services of recommended credit bureaus. Not all of us follow the offers of banks, domestic and foreign, operating on the Polish market. Credit bureaus meet clients’ expectations.

Credit bureau, why better than applying for a loan yourself?


But why use credit bureaus? What is their advantage? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the advantages of credit bureaus, especially those professional and proven on the example of Roxane

The Credit Bureau is a professional team


Staff with experience in the credit industry. Larger offices, completing their staff, like Roxane employ proven people with a past in the banking sector. The composition will include individual customer credit advisors, company advisors or people who previously worked in the credit analysis department.

Such skillfully collected human capital means that advisors know practically everything about loans . Customers have a sense of communing with professionals who actually want to help.

The Credit Bureau offers the offer of many banks and institutions

The Credit Bureau offers the offer of many banks and institutions

Offers that allow you to match the cheapest possible solution to your situation. When a client goes to the bank alone, he will be presented with several offers from one institution.

There will be no significant difference between them. In turn, walking around the banks by the client and asking about offers causes a large number of credit inquiries that worsen the situation. Instead of going around banks, it is recommended to go to a credit bureau with a wide range of available banks.

The advisers know the offers of even a dozen or so banks and after a thorough analysis of the client they will choose the cheapest of them in the given situation .

Credit Bureau saves money

Roxane’s internal research has shown that people using the help of the office can count on a minimum installment of 15% lower than a loan obtained from a bank by applying for an offer yourself. Knowledge of offers, close cooperation with banks allows you to sell the cheapest products, not burdened with additional commissions or insurance.

The Credit Bureau bypasses large differences in the level of banks’ offers


The same customer, with similar income, of the same age. One of them gets a loan for USD 20,000 with an installment of USD 300 for 84 months, the other for an installment of USD 450 for the same period. Why this difference?

A more expensive bank, an additional commission, extra insurance and a large sum to be repaid. Before applying for a loan, it’s a good idea to ask a credit counselor or agent to do the simulation. Offer calculation.

Credit Bureau saves time

Cooperation with an experienced credit bureau also saves our valuable time. If we do not have sufficient knowledge about loans, we can go to a banking institution that will not be able to help us. We will hear that we have no creditworthiness or that the bank has too much risk in our case.

Asking the credit bureau at the outset will avoid unnecessary visits to banks that refuse to grant a loan. Professional offices bypass this problem because they know exactly what bank will agree to grant a loan. In addition, they minimize acquired documents.

It is often the case that banks collect the account history from the client, a certificate from the employer while the office will only need the last 3 transfers from the employer.

Credit Bureau is knowledge of current offers


Banks can change their credit policy even every month. Considering a dozen or so major Polish banks, a lot of knowledge is being made which specialists must keep up with. Unfortunately, the ordinary “Kowalski” will not be able to cope with changes without access to knowledge. It is good to choose a proven credit bureau to keep up with market changes. Undoubtedly, the office will take advantage of better promotional offers available to customers .

The main advantages confirm the belief that credit bureaus are a good choice. As a percentage, more and more customers choose proven offices instead of blind visits to bank branches. The knowledge and experience of office employees help to obtain very good loan offers for individuals and companies many times.

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