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While counting a personality, you automatically include an invisible accessory called perfume, right? A good aura and personality are always incomplete without a touch of a pleasant smell. It is essential to know what smell synchronizes perfectly with your vibe. Will a solid dark chocolate smell resonate with your bold personality, or a lavender aroma defines your calmness well? Will the light fruity and fresh scent speak enough about your friendly gesture?

The answer is simple: choose the affordable perfume singapore that you like, keeping the structure of aroma in your mind. A structure of Aroma, wait, what’s that? Making this easy for you below:

The structure of Aroma is classified into three notes:

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  1. The top note: As the name signifies, this is the top note of the perfume that allures.
  2. Intermediate note: This is the perfume’s central part, making it last for a reasonable amount of time. This is usually soft and mellow.
  3. The Base note: The base note works when the intermediate note evaporates. This is the primary driver of what we call ‘Long-lasting’ when it comes to perfume performance.

Today there is a wide range of scented liquids with added color, flavor, etc. Those days they were only made of natural products like flowers, scented barks,resins etc. As the quality and quantity demanded the usage of chemicals in the laboratories,they aren’t entirely natural these days.


Just like a cheap food can make your stomach ache, similar is the case with perfumes. A cheap and untested perfume can cause headaches. Always choose your aroma wisely and give it several tests. Explore the best aroma that suits your personality and then pay the bucks.

Keep smelling good.