The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world irretrievably, driving almost every industry to speedily embrace online technology to continue its operations. Since Dec 2019, Multinationals corporations and international associations have had to turn face-to-face events into online video conferences that use digital translations tools. Workers globally are undeniably the victim of this global crisis, leading to the increase in online interpretation and translation services in most industries.

Contribution of covid 19 to the rise of digital interpreting services in Singapore

As Covid-19 is compelling voluminous companies to advance progressively faster to adopt digital transformation, STAMFORD now offers gratis conferences on remote simultaneous interpretation services for virtual events as an effort to fight against the global pandemic. The platform is passionate to provide the people of Singapore with free consultations on how their remote interpreting services will help them on any virtual event that may be coming up.

remote simultaneous interpretation

Additionally, most of the companies allowed their workers to operate from home while rending services to their clients online via a translation platform. STAMFORD language and communication platform which has the capability of translating more than 100 languages has helped many employees in translating to their clients.

It is evidence that remote simultaneous interpretation will progress even in future as a way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Most of the companies have already adopted the work from home policy and underpinned restrictions to travelling. This has therefore enhanced virtual conferencing in almost all areas in Singapore.

STAMFORD language and communication platform is on the frontline fighting against COVID-19 by ensuring;

  • Ensuring high flexibility by providing remote simultaneous interpreting services tailored to the intended meeting or event.
  • High fidelity and security STAMFORD language and communication ensure crystal-clear audio and high-definition video streaming with near-zero latency, encrypted to the highest security principles.
  • Best-in-class talent: they operate with the best language service providers in the world and warrant conference-level interpreters for the event.