Some cool reasons to buy this specialty watch

If watches are for flaunting, you should go for the new g shock watch. It is one of the toughest watches that has survived the durability test that was done by Guinness. All models irrespective of the price range work exceptionally well. These are considered worth your money.

Due to the rugged nature of these watches, you could consider it the best for outdoor use. No matter the condition, they will keep ticking.

Do you fear the worst from water and avoid wearing it to your swimming classes? Not anymore! The g shock watches are both shockproof and water proof. They can be taken under water up to a depth of 200m/660ft. This is an exemplary depth rating to consider.

new g shock watch

Coming to the models, there are so many irresistible styles of g shock to choose from. They come in many shapes and colors for you to choose the best for your outfit of the day. Funky sports model g shock watches are also still available while there are many new models that are formal too.

They suit both the formal and informal wear and are your best companion. Want more? The watches come in various price ranges and are pretty affordable by all. This is the reason that vouches for its popularity. With all the added amazing features, they are also safe on your pockets.

These watches are the best when it comes to adaptability to technology. All latest features are present in the watch like the altimeter, thermometer, and compass.