Learn More About Different Types Of Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is a type of marketing procedure where you send physical letters or mail in the form of postcards, shopping coupons, discount coupons, etc. a short note of the company’s address, contact info, and name and also about the purpose of sending the items to their regular customers, ambassadors, partners, and other high profile personalities. Though this format of sending mail seems to be outdated due to the latest invention of email but still as per reports direct mail customers use up their gifts for about 28% more and have spent money through buying goods with the help of these coupons for about 20%. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will get to know about the types of direct mail services in Cincinnati, OH.

On what factors does the cost per piece of direct mail depend-

  • Design costs- this is the most pivotal role of a direct mail campaign. This can be done in three ways first by doing the format all by yourself, second hiring a design professional, and third using online templates. The first two do not require any charges but the third one might be expensive.
  • Copywriting costs- here you need to involve marketing concepts through an invitation or gratitude card which is a form of unique style. You have to be creative and convincing enough to make the marketing campaign successful.
  • Print cost- to print the mail you will be charged $ 0.03 to $ 2 per unit depending on the quality of the mail.

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Forms of direct mail-

  • Letters and envelopes- this format of direct mail is used to send encrypted and high-profile information to clients, shareholders, employees, etc. These high-profile letters build the brand’s solidity and professionalism.
  • Postcards- this is the most popular one under this format. Through postcards, the business companies send or communicate through promo codes, messages, number of sales, upcoming special events, etc. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • Catalogs- this is used for advertising purposes in the form of direct mail. In this mail, space is given for promotion or special offers, product information, services provided, and images of the services or product.
  • Dimensional mail- this category of mail is divided into two parts pop-up mail and 3D Mail. This format is done to create a wow moment for their customers.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article depicts the forms of direct mail.